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Unfortunately, relationships end and some breakups are messier than others.

Mediation sessions from professionals in the field is sometimes necessary, especially if children are involved. If you live far apart – mediation Skype is available by us. Benefits of online mediation are numerous. 

Let’s take a further look at why mediation might need to be used in addition to what we can offer

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Understanding Shuttle Mediation

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Reasons to Mediate

Mediation enables parties to “pause” and reassess the situation, actively participating in finding a solution that benefits everyone involved. It prevents escalating conflicts and expensive legal proceedings in difficult situations.


Flexible outcomes are possible as parties are not limited to court results; instead, they can reach practical agreements or enter into new legal contracts if desired. This flexibility proves valuable in property disputes, such as access or boundary conflicts, or ownership claims. Importantly, the parties retain control of the process.


As a general rule, it is crucial for the parties to feel confident that they have obtained sufficient information to make informed decisions without incurring excessive costs.

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Online Mediation

In an increasingly connected world, the landscape of dispute resolution has expanded beyond the traditional face-to-face meetings. Skype and online mediation have emerged as vital tools in this digital era, offering flexibility and accessibility to parties seeking amicable solutions.

Skype mediation harnesses the power of video conferencing to bring disputing parties together with a mediator in a virtual environment. This approach is particularly beneficial when parties are geographically distant or when mobility is restricted. Skype allows for a personal connection through video and audio, closely replicating the dynamics of in-person mediation.

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UK Family Mediation Service Birmingham

Benefits of Online Mediation

Online mediation extends the concept further by using various digital platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams. It’s a process where a trained mediator assists the parties in reaching an agreement, but entirely through an online platform. This method is particularly useful when parties prefer not to use video or when they seek a more flexible mediation process.

Reasons to Chose Mediation

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Challenges and Solutions

Skype and online mediation represent the evolution of dispute resolution in the digital age. They offer an effective alternative to traditional methods, providing disputing parties with the means to resolve conflicts in a modern, accessible, and flexible manner. As technology continues to advance, so too will the capabilities and reach of online mediation, making it an indispensable tool in the mediator’s toolkit.

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Understanding your rights in mediation is crucial to ensuring a fair and effective resolution process. In mediation, both parties retain the right to seek legal advice at any stage, providing clarity and confidence in negotiations. You are entitled to a neutral and impartial Birmingham mediator who facilitates discussions without bias or imposing decisions. Both parties have the right to confidentiality, meaning that what is discussed in mediation cannot be used against you if the case proceeds to court.

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